Kild mig Ihjel (Tickle Me to Death)

Two feet land in the city scape… O, so desolate… A lady dressed in black … Smiles with a joyful attack… She starts to move in an obscure way… Running down the street on this quiet, sunny day… A smile of a stranger fade and disappears… The lady is saddened and sits down in despair… But then her eyes the gent on the sidewalk notice… He blushes and forgets his focus… She jumps and lands in front of his feet… Feelings arise, dancing in bliss… They dance as passionate warriors for life… Until the lady has given her kiss goodnight… Wonder, o, wonder, the man turned to air… She licks her lips of joy and despair… She runs again, down the street… Until she’ll meet…

Kild mig Ihjel (Tickle Me to Death) is a magnified image of the reserved Nordic mentality, where feelings are not allowed to be carried on one’s sleeve and rational thought is the one and only law. This is a meeting between a small community and a stranger, seen through the eyes of a black cat, told with a distorted body language, inspired by silent films.

Supported by:
Filmworkshop/Danish Film Institute, Danish Film Directors

Dance Camera West, Los Angeles 2011
Agite y Sirva, Mexico, Germany, France 2011
Dança em Foco, Rio de Janeiro 2011
Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival, Amsterdam 2011
Kort at Kino Kino, Norway 2011
Dance Media Japan video dance festival, Japan 2011, 2012, 2020 (online)
InShadow, Lisbon 2012
LOIKKA Dance Film Festival, Helsinki 2012
Festival International de Vidéodanse de Bourgogne, Burgundy 2012
Numeridanse TV, online 2012
VideodanzaBa, Buenos Aires 2012
KCET, Californian local TV station 2015
Kanal Storbyen, Danish local TV station 2016
Nordic Dance Festival, Paris 2018 and more…

Performed by: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen, Kasper Jensen, Nanna Schaumburg-Müller, Batman (cat)
Director of photography and lights: Alberto Balazs
Camera assistant and still photography: Filip Orestes Misiak
Composer: David Sannella
Sound design: Hamid Hagh
Editor: Nicolas Servide Staffolani
Costumes and make up: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen in collaboration with performers
Effects and graphics: Peter Møller, Kim Lykke Jensen, Kenneth Gabriel Nielsen
Color grading: Norman Nisbet
Online: Digital Film Lab, Diana Tørsløv
Choreographed, written, directed and produced by: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen