Nothing Matters When We're Dancing

Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing portraits three Danes – Nicolaj, Anamet og Grace – who love to dance. They all participate in the nationwide project Ta’ fat om dansen within different programs. In the documentary we meet the three main characters in the studio and in their daily life while they reflect upon what dancing means to them and why nothing matters when they are dancing. When watching them we come to understand how dance as an artform can be life-changing and create a room for essential meetings between people – that art is essential to the human spirit.

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Short Documentary, Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival 2018.

Commissioned by Ta’ fat om dansen/Dansehallerne

Supported by:

Premiere Dansehallerne, Copenhagen 2017
InShadow, Lisbon 2017
Minimalen, Trondheim 2018
Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival, Amsterdam 2018
Monopol Magazin, Online, 2018
Loikka Dance Film Festival, Helsinki 2018
Goleb, Amsterdam 2018
Le Petite Entré, Odense 2018
Kino Tańca, Warsaw 2019

With: Nicolaj Vitthøft Kamph Rasmussen, Anamet Magven, Grace Bulawin
Hans Peder Lund, Samuel André Tinggaard, Yasmin Jørgensen Hweidi, Katja Kamph Rørbye, Merete Dam, Gunilla Lind, Mads Næsborg Jensen, Students & teachers from Fjordskolen Hedevang (Gundsømagle), Malvin Magven, Dancers from Dansekapellet’s 60+ team, Dancers from Dance Lighthouse ROK’s Youth Coming Up team, Students & teachers from Tornhøjskolen (Aalborg Øst)
Concept, script & interviews: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen in collaboration with Anna Marie Krarup & Kristoffer Engholm Aabo
Director of photography & color grade: Kristoffer Engholm Aabo
Sound design: Toke Gelardi
Producer: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen
Executive producers: Anna Marie Krarup, Dansehallerne
Music: Magnetic Fields and others
Direction & editing: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen