YOU CAN DO IT! live stream performance

“This performance has not been pre-recorded. It is happening live with a 3 seconds delay between the performer and you. In this performance there are 2 performers. And as a passive, yet important player in this experience, we have YOU.

There are 4 locations. Two of them are visible to all of us. One is visible only to you. The last one is visible only to us.

We have planned the performance carefully. Every movement, word and cut has been discussed and put into a script, because we want you to have a perfect experience. We can control about 50% of what is about to happen. 25% is up to the reality that surrounds us. The remaining 25% is up to you and your expectations.

Are you ready?”

Two actors go through a long poetic work out separately. The live stream performance brings the spectator step by step, count by count, into a manic workout universe. Why do the actors wear themselves out and whom are they doing it for?

YOU CAN DO IT! is questioning our society’s constant growing focus on growth and the hamster wheel we are part of. We push ourselves so hard that we forget why we do it – and we forget each other. In a humoristic and breathtaking workout the live stream performance YOU CAN DO IT! exposes the downside of this constant craving for growth: the loneliness and isolation.

YOU CAN DO IT! is staged with one actor in an apartment and another actor running around the streets of the city, we are streaming from. Placed in a setting where people are living, biking away from or back to home YOU CAN DO IT! is subject to the real world. A dancefilm-live-experience about control, carried out in a real-life setting – with the risk of losing control.

YOU CAN DO IT! is a 30-minute digital dance performance based on the stage performance SURVIVORS by Taneli Törmä – LOCATION X (Copenhagen) and the independent theatre group Studio Total (Helsinki).

The digital adaptation of SURVIVORS is created in collaboration between choreographer Taneli Törmä – LOCATION X and Maia Elisabeth Sørensen. Both Taneli and Maia have worked extensively with dance films, which is the perspective and approach they will take on the digital live performance. The live digital performance will challenge the timing and length of the clips, live editing, the choreography of the camera which has to be incorporated into the actor’s choreography and the live-streaming.

Photos: Søren Knud, frame grab

Supported by: 

The Danish Arts Council

The performance was live-streamed in collaboration with: 

Teater Momentum, 2022 (world premiere)
Kokkolan Talvitanssit Festivaali, 2022

Performers: Anna Lipponen (in Copenhagen), Ilona Kippula (in Kokkola), Troels Hagen Findsen
Directed and written by: Taneli Törmä, Maia Elisabeth Sørensen
Choreography: Taneli Törmä
Music: Erik Christoffersen
Technical director: Søren Knud/team Omnivox
Producer: Lone Nyhuus/Location X
Copenhagen film crew: Taneli Törmä, Hannah Unger Coff, Daniel Müller
Kokkola film crew: Lauri Liimatta, Anders Lillhonga, Niko Karjalainen, Maria Välikangas