YOU CAN DO IT! live stream performance

Back YOU CAN DO IT! live stream performance “This performance has not been pre-recorded. It is happening live with a 3 seconds delay between the performer and you. In this performance there are 2 performers. And as a passive, yet important player in this experience, we have YOU. There are 4 locations. Two of them are visible […]

How To Be a Perfect Human

Back How To Be a Perfect Human How to be a perfect human is a short documentary essay using choreographed body language to visualize collected experiences from the covid19 lockdown. Through the main character the film depicts how the covid19 restrictions have affected our daily routines, such as how to wash our hands, sanitize personal […]

When I act I…

Back When I act I… PERFORMANCE AND VIDEO PROJECT in collaboration with DEGASTEN In collaboration with the training group’s instructor Linda Bosch, the players and I developed text and movement phrases, based on the sentence: “When I act I…” All players filled in the dots, and came up with a variety of feelings and thoughts […]

Naturen kalder

Back Naturen kalder An adaptation of the live performance Naturen Kalder. Commisioned by Daily Fiction Credits: Concept, choreography and performance: Tora BalslevComposer: Niels Lyhne LøkkegaardCostume design: Lise KlittenLight design: Martin DanielsenDirector of photography and colorgrade: Kristoffer Engholm AaboDirection and editing: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen

Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing​

Back Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing portraits three Danes – Nicolaj, Anamet og Grace – who love to dance. They all participate in the nationwide project Ta’ fat om dansen within different programs. In the documentary we meet the three main characters in the studio and in their daily life while […]


Back Ønskelandet A dance film for children. Commissioned by Ta’ fat om dansen/Dansehallerne Supported by:Nordea-fonden Credits:Performed by: Charlie Møller Nielsen, Olivia Munch Andersen, Shamoon Butt, Jannat ButtChoreography by: Mette Møller Overgaard, Esther HaugegaardMusic: Alberte Winding, Jan Rørdam, Andreas FuglebækSound: Sophia MajCinematography and color grade: Kristoffer Engholm AaboLights: Sebastian LydingCostume and set design: Line FrankMake-up and hair: Maria ØstergaardProduction manager: Astrid […]


Back Splastic An adaptation of the live performance SPLASTIC. Commissioned by Daily Fiction Credits:Choreography: Tora Balslev JespersenDancers: Cath Borch Jensen, Tora Balslev JespersenComposer: Knud RiishøjgårdCostume design: Lise KlittenLights: Martin DanielsenCinematography and color grade: Kasper NyboDirection, edit and sound: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen

Det skal danses væk

Back Det Skal Danses Væk A boy walks through his school seeing visions of his classmates dancing in hallways, staircases, and in restrooms. He starts to doubt what is real, but when the girl he likes invites him to dance, he too starts to move. ‘Det Skal Danses Væk’ was made for Dansens Dag 2014 […]


Back Satellit Three colourful characters attempt to communicate with each other across time and space. It doesn’t always work out because sometimes there’s noise on the line, and sometimes things go wrong. But the movement forms a choreography in the end. CONCEPT The narrative of Satellit was based on a feeling of isolation. Each character […]

Kild mig ihjel

Back Kild mig Ihjel (Tickle Me to Death) Two feet land in the city scape… O, so desolate… A lady dressed in black … Smiles with a joyful attack… She starts to move in an obscure way… Running down the street on this quiet, sunny day… A smile of a stranger fade and disappears… The […]